May / 20 / 2021

Tom VR – Soared Straight Through Me

Tom VR – Soared Straight Through Me

photo Tom VR Facebook


We first heard from Tom VR with the release of a compilation called Habits, which came out in 2018 on his own label, Valby Rotary. There we got to sample three of his tracks, alongside five others from other artists…. One of them, Last Ride, is an unforgettable little gem and good proof of this is that Bicep created an edit of the track for a mix edited by Mixmag.
The Manchester musician has chosen his own paths since the beginning of his career. At MOAI Magazine we’re still attracted to outsiders, artists who create outside of fashions and movements, and Tom VR is one of them.
Yesterday his new track, Soared Straight Through Me, was released on All My Thoughts, that transatlantic project in the form of a label headed by Seb Wildblood.



Tom VR’s music escapes labels, which is refreshing in this day and age, when everything wants to be labelled. This piece of electronic music escapes concrete definitions, and in it one can guess influences of great authors of unclassifiable music such as Richard D. James. Irregular percussive patterns, ethereal synthesis and faint vocal samples result in another of this Mancunian artist’s excellent works.
Soared Straight Through Me is on sale now here


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