March / 17 / 2021

Trax Only – Soft Touch Express

Trax Only – Soft Touch Express


The New Orleans night has in its Trax Only collective the best representation of the local undergound. This collective is made up of three artists, Father Figure, Kathi Kniess, and Bouffant Bouffant, who have joined forces in this collective effort to release a great compilation.



Soft Touch Express is defined as a three-volume compilation from the queer dancefloor. And nothing could be further from the truth, as the New Orleans trio has brought together Southern talent such as Ruth Mascelli (Special Interest/NOLA),
Ephemera (NOLA), Marceaux Marceax (Memphis), DJ NSA (ATL), Good Xtreme (NOLA), and Trax Only members Bouffant Bouffant (Brett Labauve) and Father Figure (Mark Louque) with another handful of national and international producers such as Ariel Zetina (CHI), Baronhawk (DC), Bezier (Berlin), Alinka (Detroit), Five (NY), Jacob Meehan (Berlin), Jasmine Infiniti (NY), Juana (DC), Kim Anh (LA), Love Letters (NY), Olive T (NY), Sappho (PDX), Shaun J. Wright (CHI) or Sfireman (Detroit) to name a few.
Soft Touch Express aims to be a vehicle of expression for the creativity that has arrived after this year of pandemic. The result is a resounding and eclectic selection of dancefloor-oriented music, driven by such serious issues as the racial injustice that the United States has experienced during the year 2020.
As unequivocal proof of the collective’s commitment, the release will be accompanied by Soft Touch Express: The Zine, an 80-page publication in which the artists who make up the three volumes of the compilation (as well as friends familiar with the local scene) talk about their roots, their motivations and their creative process.



All three volumes of Soft Touch Express can now be purchased digitally here, as well as the limited edition of Soft Touch Express: The Zine.


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