March / 19 / 2021

Tunnelvisions – End Of Time

Tunnelvisions – End Of Time

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Emiel van den Dungen and Raynor de Groot are Tunnelvisions, a duo based in the south of the Netherlands. This productive musical society is built upon Emiel’s formative house and techno beginnings and Raynor’s early encounters with synth-pop and songwriting, resulting an extraordinary outcome.

During the last years, the duo has delivered releases full of colour and rhythm, and they also had time for their own solo projects, Emiel´s Milio and Raynor´s Coloray. In 2020 they released two ep´s (Gold Teeth & Picture: Tunnelvisions), reinforcing again their elastic eclecticism and great skills to swim around different music styles. Apart from their own efforts, they remixed Bronson, Joseph Ashworth and labelmates Boys Be Kko.

2021 began with the release of two tracks in Atomnation Records, Mirrored Identities and Waiting For The Morning, advance of the End Of Time EP, which is released today, march 19th.



This new EP comprises the usual successful formula of the Dutch duo. Rich in melodies, full of colour, warm, dreamy and dance orientated, but hypnotic and powerful at the same time.  In End Of Time you can find Acid, House, Indie Dance and even Synth-Pop of the highest quality, mixed with elegance and good taste, something that doesn´t often happen with the best results.

Emiel and Raynor are now more than a band to keep an eye on. Their career is firmly launched with works like this one, a colourful record that stands out among a sometimes grey and monotonous panorama of releases. You can purchase it here.


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