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Tutu Records releases Pendular EP by Rødder with dystopian and sci-fi techno.

The sixteenth release on Edgar de Ramón's label is signed by this DJ and producer of dystopian and sci-fi techno from Madrid.

Tutu begins this 2022 as he ended last year, with a bang as far as techno is concerned. It is now the capital DJ and producer Rødder who presents an EP entitled ‘Pendular‘ on Edgar de Ramón’s label in what is his debut on the label. The work contains three unreleased tracks, along with a remix by the label’s mentor.


Rødder, in this ‘Pendular EP‘, makes it very clear to everyone that his underground techno has a very personal stamp from his inherent solidity, power and desire towards the futuristic and those 90s that brought so much galacticism to this style and to the producer himself as a lover of the genre from the musical point of view.

Pendular‘ (Original Mix) is a cut in which the first thing that catches our attention is its random percussion; over it, industrial sounds emerge, giving the track a suggestive sensation of imminent danger. After a drop that makes us trust that everything can return to calm, it explodes again and forever. Sci-fi techno of the first new order.

Edgar De Ramón signs a remix of ‘Pendular‘ in which he takes it to his own club terrain, thanks to a tech groove that humanises it. In any case, the Catalan DJ and producer uses his skills to reinterpret the track, taking it to less aggressive and danceable spaces. Extraordinary work.

Picking up the same percussion, like a double bass drum, ‘Octave One’ (Original Mix) follows in the wake of the track of the same name, but adds schizoid and crackling elements, menacing synths and an aura of Martian terror to which there is little to do but pray, if you know how. This is what Detroit will sound like in 2042.

Rødder opens the floodgates and lets out ‘Difuso‘ (Original Mix), a passage of galloping, wild, machine-like techno that no grass grows where it sounds. Metallic and lacerating, a cut made to welcome with open arms a dystopia that never dreamed of having such a good, tremendous soundtrack.

Edgar de Ramón

Artist: Rødder
Album: Pendular Ep.
Label: Tutu Records
Ref: 016
Release date:  February 14th 2022
Format: Digital