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VA. ‘Infinite Limits Compilation’

‘Infinite Limits: A Generative Music Compilation’


From Aeolian harp to Brian Eno, from Steve Reich to Dadabots: the history of generative music has always presented a gap between the rigour of rules and the mystery of chance. Provoked by the Cageian compositional idea: ‘ask questions rather than make choices’, generative systems provide creative methods for liberating sounds from the tyranny of the composer. ‘Then the answers, instead of coming from my likes and dislikes, come from chance operations, and that has the effect of opening me to possibilities that I hadn’t considered. Chance-determined answers will open my mind to the world around’ continued John Cage, presenting a theory that opened up a whole new world, and subsequently, a lineage, that extends from ‘In C’, ‘It’s Gonna Rain’ and ‘Music for Airports’ to Autechre, Oval, William Basinski, and more.

With the help of digital media and algorithms, generative music is now utilized in a new and fascinating world of AI-music tools. Since 2016 Mubert has been one of the leading services supporting a new generation of forward-thinking producers and composers to work with generative systems in their own way. In 2021 Mubert invited the most innovative, subversive, and visionary artists of the moment to collaborate with their AI. With a few strict conditions, against a background of endless possibility, the challenge became an attractive prospect for musicians:

‘I think there’s this misconception that in experimental music, anything goes. Well, it does and it doesn’t. Often, I work with very strict rules – that’s what makes it experimental. In science, every experiment has parameters, even if you then set random values to certain variables. So, there’s a discipline. What I liked about making music for the Mubert project was this discipline. I had to stick to a time signature, a key, a certain number of bars, certain frequency ranges. It became like very interesting work – what could I do within these very precise boundaries? Each loop was a mini-experiment’, says Richard Youngs.

Discipline is the key to the infinite dimensions of the final composition, a reasoning which surprised many of the artists involved. Neil Campbell from Astral Social Club adds: ‘What I’m always most interested in collaborations is when the collaborator does things I’d never do and Mubert really delivered on all that. I stayed up late when I first listened back to the results – just couldn’t tear myself away, wondering what would happen next. Loved it!’.



25 artists from different areas of music and from all around the globe have been creating infinite streams for Mubert over the last six months. Encapsulating one of the platform’s busiest and most productive years in its history, Mubert is proud to present the first instalment in a new compilation series entitled ‘Infinite Limits’, comprising curated material from the infinite streams of a ground-breaking, renowned group of international artists.

Indonesian avant folk by Rully Shabara & Wukir Suryadi aka Senyawa, special transmissions from the UK underground courtesy of Helena Celle, Richard Youngs and Astral Social Club, plunderphonic electronics from Ergo Phizmiz and Wojciech Kucharzcyk, new work by leading Greek producers Jay Glass Dubs and Abyss X, the sound of contemporary experimentation in America with 8ULENTINA, Tomu DJ and Tristan Arp, the Ukrainian mavericks Etapp Kyle and Mlin Patz: the unfettered generative compositions of the Mubert artists featured on ‘Infinite Limits’ transcend geography and genre, breaking many, if not all, conceivable boundaries.

‘Infinite Limits’ is out 14th January, and is available as a pay what you want download via the Mubert Bandcamp page.



1. Justin – GSE_001
2. CELES7E – Arcane
3. Haco – Mutant Street
4. Tomu DJ – Untitled
5. Helena Celle – Klog
6. Korea Town Acid – Untitled
7. Ergo Phizmiz – Woozy Party
8. Astral Social Club – Plastic Arms
9. Jay Glass Dubs – Spines 02:25
10. Berke Can Özcan – Sorrow is nothing but worn-out joy
12. Richard Youngs – No Jams
13. Abyss X – Untitled
14. NAH – AI 4
15. Ruaridh Law – Machines In Liminal Space
16. The Complainer – Parade Is Near
17. Lechuga Zafiro – Wet Feet
18. Tristan Arp – Shell
19. Etch – Mu2
20. 8ULENTINA – Untitled
21. Etapp Kyle – Concord
22. Inturist – Esoteric Hell
23. Headboggle – Untitled
24. Rully Shabara & Wukir Suryadi – Alkisah AI
25. Max Eilbacher – Deutschland Im Herbst

Various Artists
‘Infinite Limits: A Generative Music Compilation’
Release Date:
January 14th 2022
Digital Download (Pay What You Want)

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