Valencia is looking for 4,000 extras for the new TV series “La Ruta”

The Valencian company Bestreta, specialized in casting direction and extras, is looking for professionals in dance, acting and extras for a series about the Bakalao Route.

‘La Ruta’ is the new series created by the Valencian casting direction company Bestreta that will seek to recreate the history of the bakalao route. To make this possible, the company is looking for 4,000 people to fill different roles. Applications began last November and so far they have already received around 1,500 registrations, according to Amparo Olta, casting director.

Oltra confirms that nothing is closed yet, and estimates that they will need around 5,000 or 6,000 registrations to be able to make a good selection. “The reception has been good but we are still there,” she says.



“We are open to everyone,” says Amparo Oltra. So, in principle, anyone can sign up for the casting. They do have requirements, however, and they are looking for people who do not have a very modern look and who do not have visible tattoos. On the other hand, to register you can do it from different sides, although they mainly emphasize that you can do it from Labora, the employment portal of the Generalitat. Although it can also be done from its own web portal or other means.


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