February / 9 / 2021

Villalobos remixes Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man

Villalobos remixes Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man

photo Freestyle Man Facebook


Jimi Tenor and Klas-Henrik Lindblad (as Freestyle Man) are two of the biggest names in contemporary Finnish music. Restless researchers of different sounds, the duo have released their third EP for Studio Barnhus. In 2017 it was Sleepover, in 2019 Are We It? and now comes Forgotten Planet Awakens.
A jazz-infused house rendition with influences from 1960s sci-fi films and TV series. The female backing vocals in the original track could be taken from the soundtrack of the original Star Trek or Space 1999. The elegance of the Finns is simply superb, as it could not be otherwise.


Photo Ricardo Villalobos Facebook

But for the b-side the rhythm is suited for the dance floor with another epic remix that we are used to from another legend of this. The Chilean is at it again with the Ricardo Villalobos Vino Tinto Remix. And as always happens when something falls into his hands to be remixed, the final work is almost eleven minutes long and never gets boring, it´s always the opposite, an extended delight.

The final result is perfect. It couldn’t be any other way with these characters involved.


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